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Pigeon Racing Nutrition | During Training and Racing    By: Christopher Ferrante
You will want to have the breeding mix readily available to youngsters in the first few days after weaning, this is not yet the time to limit feed. Also a four ... they can consume in 15 minutes. Road training is an excellent time to evaluate the body condition of your birds. PigeonElite.com, Your Guide To Pigeon Racing.
Kangaroos    By: Francesca Black
The kangaroo is a singular creature. What other animal can jump a distance of 28 feet, or a height of 6 feet? What other animal can hop at speeds of 43 miles ... this they cannot walk backwards. This fact won kangaroos a prominent position on the Australian coat-of-arms, where it symbolized progress and forward movement.
Quaker Parrot    By: Mark Gibson
The Quaker Parrot is a small hookbill from the genus Myiopsitta. Also known as the Monk parakeet, often referred to as a parakeet due to its long tail typical ... a variety of tricks and tasks. With the proper training, behavioral problems, such as screaming, feather picking and aggression can be stopped or prevented.
When Your Tropical Fish Get Sick    By: Lee Dobbins
Did you know that your tropical fish can get sick just like you can? They don t catch the same things that we do, of course but they can be just as bad for them ... them. If you can manage to represent a habitat that s close to the original, you should be able to enjoy your collection of healthy fish for a very long time.
The Different Types of Turtles    By: Steven Magill
There are hundreds of different types of turtles. This article aims to give you a brief overview of the different types of turtles. Here is a short list of some ... arc its tail (like a scorpion) and is one of the different types of turtles that is unable to pull its head into its shell. Copyright (c) 2008 Steven Magill
Giant Squid Facts    By: Anand Dongre
The giant squid is one of the monstrous creatures still alive and always alluring many researchers around the world but till this time seems more mystifying as ... squid researchers have being trying their level best to capture or study a living giant squid but till this time their hard efforts have not bearded fruits.
Do You Really Want a Chinchilla?    By: Jennifer Thomas
Chinchillas are of small sized crepuscular rodents belonging to the Chinchillidae family, almost the size of rabbit. They are found in the Andes Mountains of ... retain moisture and this could aid fungus growth. Even if they are given wet bath, they should be dried very fast with the help of blow dryer on a low setting.
Attracting Wild Birds    By: Paul Duxbury
As more land is used to accommodate the ever-growing human population, yards and city parks become important bird habitat. Diversified landscaping and feeding ... birds could be quickly passing through your gardens unnoticed. Leaving your feeders up for at least three weeks after seeing your last hummingbird is essential.
Fun Facts about Hedgehogs    By: Patricia Twitchell
Did you know the hedgehog makes an interesting pet? Actually, the hedgehog is quite a fascinating little creature that makes an interesting pet. There are some ... enjoy hedgehogs and not have to worry about feeding or watering them. Many gift shops carry a great selection of ceramic, clay, stuffed and wood hedgehogs.
Howl!    By: Frank Vanderlugt
A shadow creeps across the face of the full moon at midnight as a chill wind blows across a desolate landscape of dead trees with claw-like branches and jagged, ... for suspense in a chilling movie, whether as an atmospheric effect to suggest loneliness or isolation, or for a more sinister effect in a werewolf story.
Birds    By: Ken Marlborough
The study of birds is called ornithology; it is a hobby that many people love pursuing. Many bird lovers love bird watching to study birds. Bird lovers often ... total number of birds there may be on the planet, scientists suggest there may be between 100,000 to 200,000 million adult birds on the planet at any one time.
How to Make Sure the Hummingbirds Find You This Spring    By: Cindy Dykstra
It s spring at last, and here in Southern Colorado, it seems we ve been waiting a long time to glimpse our favorite wild bird, the hummingbird. We just love ... hummingbirds to your yard, remember the flowers, the water and some food. You ll soon have your own flock of hummingbirds who return to your yard each year!
The Available Methods For Parrot Gender Determination    By: Dalvin Rumsey
Usually, a birdís gender is unknown to other species of beings; it is a well kept secret for the bird itself and its kind. When nature created the birds, it ... sexual organs can be seen and, along with the gender, the veterinarian can determine the sexual maturity, any abnormalities and the possibility of reproduction.
Do Wild Birds Become Dependent On Feeders?    By: Mike Kershaw
Many people argue that if you feed your birds, it could be a bad thing! They claim that the birds will start to depend on your food and lose the ability to find ... short, it is better for survival rates if you feed wild birds in your yard. But if you decide to feed them, it is ideal if you are consistent in your feeding.
The Essentials of Proper Betta Fish Care    By: Sarah Munn
Betta Fish, also known as Betta Splendens, Beta Fish and Siamese Fighting Fish, are inexpensive pets and can be quite lovely. Technically, the Betta name ... male Betta Fish build in the water tank. This is perfectly normal. The male is building a nest in which to place eggs, once he successfully impresses a female.
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