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How To Take Care Of Your Horsfield Turtle    By: Dalvin Rumsey
The most frequent species of turtles chosen as pets are horsfields and Russian tortoises. They are very little (about 15 cm in length) and are ideal for the ... they are very important in order to maintain it strong and in good health. One such supplement designed especially for turtles is Reptavite dusting powder.
10 tips for a successful Betta splendens reproduction    By: Laurentiu Craciunas
Betta splendens is one of the most wanted fish in everyone s aquarium. Breeding Bettas is not hard, though you might face problems at spawning them. They are ... can find advanced information on specialized websites, books, etc, but following this article should familiarize you with the Betta splendens reproduction needs.
Buying a Pet Rabbit - Characteristics and Health Information    By: Moses Wright
Rabbits are cute and soft with fascinating behavior. While they are affectionate animals, they may take some time to get adjusted to a new environment. But once ... more people choosing rabbits as their pets, it is clear that these small animals are gaining popularity and make good companions who amuse their owners well.
Old vs. Young: What Age Horse Is Best For You To Buy?    By: Jason Borchardt
With age comes experience, patience, and understanding. Three qualities any horse owner wants in a horse.Have you given any thought to what age horse is right ... to assure healthy teeth and gums. A problem in the mouth could lead to lack of nutrition. The teeth of many older horses need to be floated upon purchase.
All About Buying Horses    By: Jim King
It isnít like going down to the candy store and picking out what you want. Neither is it like going to a pet store and buying the gold fish or the pretty little ... being able to change leads. True, some habits can be corrected by a trainer but thereís nothing like getting a trained well-behaved horse for the first time.
Horse Breeds- A Variety of Useful Horse Types Developed    By: Tania Penwell
The planned mating of horses that is directed by humans has given rise to a number of special breeds of horses. Breeders, the persons who help facilitate ... horse which is easier to train while the attractive Clydesdale is the most famous of the draft horses which were bred to work on farms or pull carts and wagons.
Avoiding Equine Emergencies In the Trailer    By: Ann Marie Henry
For as long as people have made horses a part of their lives, there have been horse related emergencies. Those who donít know much about horses are often ... from many injuries that can occur on a trailer and give the horse a bad experience. Provide hay in a bag or net so the horse can eat and relax during the ride.
The Most Frequent Species Of Turtles In The Spotlight    By: Dalvin Rumsey
Turtles belong to the class of reptiles; what makes the difference from others is the shell, absent in other reptiles. The external shell is known as the ... the majority of tortoises, the sex of the specieís exponents is given by the temperature of the water. Males need lower temperature than females to be produced.
Meet The Ecletus Parrot, Glossy And Brilliant    By: Dalvin Rumsey
Parrots are birds with gaily and boldly colors. Parrots have even, thin plumage on their whole bodies with solid color spots, which usually contrast themselves. ... feeds her twice a day on regular intervals and those are the only times the female leaves her eggs. 12 weeks after hatching, the young parrots leave the nest.
Online Horse Classifieds great for Horse Buying Research    By: Sean Russell
Buying a horse can be a very time consuming endeavor, with all the different horse breeds and skills to choose from. The more you become familiar with the ... and money in your purchase. Remember to take your time and use the tools at your disposal, such as online horse classifieds, you will thank yourself in the end.
African Grey Parrots And Stress    By: Dalvin Rumsey
The grey parrots may have many behavioral problems and most of them are caused by the humanís lack of understanding that it is first of all a prey bird and has ... attached to their caregiver and expect to be treated with respect and compassion. This is a method that works as well for birds as it does for humans or dogs.
10 Tips for Buying a Parrot    By: Milo Piros
Parrots are one of the most attractive and rewarding animals in the world. Though parrots are very intelligent their requirements and demands are quite ... you have selected has bright eyes and healthy skin which should be free from clinging hand feeding formulae. Check that the birds have been kept in a clean place.
Giant Pandas    By: Anthony Benjamin
The Giant Panda is easily recognized by its large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Scientists do not know ... of Tang is said to have given Japan two pandas and a sheet of panda skin as a sign of goodwill.For more information please visit: http://www.cici-online.com
Koala Kismet    By: Emma Snow
To gaze into their eyes is to touch tranquility. Perhaps it is because they spend so much of their lives removed from our terrestrial sphere that these ... they curl into tight balls to conserve heat. Koala s woolly fur helps to insulate them from extremes in temperature, while serving as a raincoat in moist weather.
Veterinary Pet Insurance For Exotic Animals    By: Mark Gittelman
Before purchasing an exotic animals insurance policy, it is a good idea to spend some time researching the various policy options each veterinary pet insurance ... others fully cover such costs. Each of these variations, in addition to an annual deductible, will affect the cost of the insurance premium that you ll pay.
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