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Is Santa Claus Real    By: John Salerno
Is Santa Claus Real? A familiar question whose volume gets turned up a few decibels as the summer comes to a close. And once Thanksgiving is behind us, the ... for Kids see if you don't agree that Santa is, like Pinocchio, a real teacher of good things and an inspiration. The answer is easy: Yes, Santa Claus IS real!
Informed Parenting~ Natural Alternatives for Menstrual Cramping and PMS!    By: Christine Hiebel
No Passion Parent likes to see their child in discomfort. Menstrual cramps and mood swings can not only be uncomfortable for your daughter, but can make life ... not always about the easiest choice, but it is always about being open to being the best parent you can be! Hereís to being a Passion Parent! Christine Hiebel
Which Stair Gate is the Best?    By: David Boast
Our hearts leap with pride and joy as our little one learns to crawl for the first time. We sit and stare in wonderment as they take their first independent ... fully confident in their walking ability, and as they have learned the lessons you have taught them regarding potential dangers, it is time to remove the gates.
Photo Identification Cards Can Protect Your Child    By: Sher Matsen
Technology has changed a great deal in just a decade. What we used to have to rely on other businesses to do for us, can now be done efficiently, and cost ... library card, for meal programs, for hall passes, to identify visitors and even parents, and to allow students to use other services within the school facilities.
Water Slides! Water Slides, We love Water Slides!    By: Martin Waters
Have you asked your kids lately what it is that they like to have? If you ask them during the summer days, they would say water slides in unison for sure. ... on their next birthday. And of course, as it is with all children, if you're able to give them exactly what they like, you easily become the world's best parents.
We Saved Our Marriage In An Inflatable Boxing Ring!    By: Martin Waters
Is your marriage in turmoil? Do you have some deep hatred and anger nagging you? Would you like to release it? Then call your wife or husband and dare him to a ... With an inflatable boxing ring, it can even become much stronger. Don't doubt it, just try it. What do you have to lose anyway? Hopefully, not your marriage.
The Influence of Colour on Human Development and Emotions    By: John Kaduwanema
Most people have a favourite colour and most people will have their own ideas how colour should be used. Young or old, colours can have both positive and ... is delivered direct to the door. The highest quality at the lowest prices are offered to the general public, private companies and medical professionals alike.
Parenting Your Teenager with Love and Support    By: Christina Botto
You find yourself begging your teen to go places with the family. As soon as your teen gets into the car with you, he begins complaining about you or his life, ... too soon, thus discouraging them from making decisions. We need to encourage and support them, and teach them that what they do will affect their future life.
Take Time for Your Teen    By: Christina Botto
BookWire's "Year in Reviews Magazine," December 2006 issue, lists a review of my book "Help Me With My Teenager! A Step-by-step Guide for Parents that Works." ... up, your teen needs to know that he matters in your life and that he can come to you for help and advice. Your teen needs you - even if he acts otherwise.
Baby Gift Baskets for New Parents    By: Crizza Reyes
There's no more joyful an event than the arrival of a new baby, but it can sometimes be tricky to find a unique gift to give to both the little one and their ... feel like you have too many choices. This can be a great feeling as you can then pass on some ideas to your friends who are stuck for ideas like you once were.
Can parents protect their teenage children from depression?    By: Dr James Manning
Can parents protect their teenage children from depression? As parents, can anything be more dreadful than thinking that a child that we nurture, plan for, ... trying to teach. As parents, we are the most important role models in our childrenís lives. We must never underestimate how important we are to them.
Childhood Obesity as a Result of TV and Video Games    By: Terry Lile
Obesity: it's every parent's worst nightmare. They cringe at the suggestion that perhaps they have done something wrong as guardians. Did they feed her too ... bike ride, but it is pointing them in the right direction. After all, anything that prevents obesity is a positive step forward. Baby steps are just the beginning.
Kidís designer wears trends    By: Aena Thomas
Designer wear is no longer the exclusive domain of adults. These days you can find many stores selling designer wear exclusively meant for children. In todayís ... fitting clothes for your children can mean unnecessary waste of money. You should therefore consider all these aspects when shopping for designer kids wear.
Teenage Binge Drinking    By: Lyta Humphris
Simply put, teenage binge drinking is drinking to get drunk - a self-destructive and unrestrained drinking bout. During the drinking binge the heavily ... Either way the result is the same to change your usual self-destructive "drink to get drunk" activities to a pleasant "have a few drinks and have a good time".
Sunrise Alarm Clocks for Kids    By: Melissa Nathans
How do I wake my children up for school? If you are like many parents, going back to school may not be a wonderful event. In the majority of cases, children ... natural way instead of stressing yourself out every morning and every night until they get back into the routine, then a sunrise alarm clock will be the answer.
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