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Don't Waste Money Start Saving Food    By: Jude Simons
To save on food, be an opportunist. Buy what you like, but buy on sale. Do you need oranges every day? Buy them when they're cheap, then buy grapefruit or ... carry too much, you'll buy less. 10. Never shop for food when hungry. Eat a meal first and you'll save on food you don't buy. This simple idea has saved us a lot.
Getting An Espresso Maker    By: Jude Simons
Since Starbucks first went International in the early 1990s, espresso has been the number-one item on the minds of those who need a quick pick-me-up to get ... beware...if you decide not to join the crowd on this one, you will likely be left behind. A caffeine-powered work force is what made the world what it is today.
Tools You Need To Bake Your Own Bread    By: Jack Smith
No definite rule can be given for the exact proportion of liquid and flour to be used in bread making, because some kinds of flour absorb much more liquid than ... put baked bread to cool. If one of these devices is not available, however, a substitute can be easily made by stretching a wire netting over a wooden frame.

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