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Use "Tell a friend" script to drive traffic to your site

By: Srihari Padmanabhan

Search Engine Optimization How To Use A Tell A Friend Script To Drive Traffic Today

As the technology and the Internet span grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring in quality traffic to our websites. Especially during the past few years, there have been many methods and applications that have been developed like Twitter and Digg which drive traffic to your website. Of course these sites are successful today and there are also other sites which do not do any bit of help to improve the traffic but just claim to do so. Another major technique used to sway away traffic to your site is viral marketing. It requires a person to share something which is very informative, amazing and entertaining.

There are many organizations and even small business companies who take up this kind of a technique to become popular in their field. Viral marketing can be used in any form, it can have a flash game, an interesting story, personal thoughts, a video or anything else that might attract users to read it. This kind of a marketing activity is typically very low in cost and is also a wonderful tool for anyone to use. The benefit greatly overcomes the cost or efforts to initialize this marketing scheme. Anyone can be benefited from this viral marketing with just little or sometimes now knowledge.

Tell a Friend Script

One of the easiest methods of the viral marketing technique is the tell a friend script. This is a simple programmed script that you can add to your sidebar of the websites. Generally, this script is attached to pages where media is there so that anyone can easily share it with their friends or groups. They can also embed the media to their website if they are too desperate to use it.

It is all very simple where the user just has to input his name, email address and the recipient email address, name and then share the media with them. As the other person receives the email, he would just think that his friend has sent him a mail and would definitely open the mail with trust. This way it keeps your message away from being spammed. This script also eliminates greatly the chances of being blocked in the spam filter of the recipient as the information entered by the user is going to get displayed there along with his/her personal message. Thus it gives a real human touch to the technique.

When the other person opens the link, it gives him an introduction about your company and also is a very cheap means of getting traffic. Infact, you have done nothing except just adding the script and the video to your website and you would soon see tons of visitors flowing in to your media page.

How to program a "tell a friend script"?

A tell a friend scripts is really simple and does not need any big programming skills to achieve it. Infact, there are a lot of free ways to acquire this script which will just need you to Google for 2 minutes. I'm sure searching for "tell a friend script" will throw a lot of results on you.

Srihari Padmanabhan, a writer from India and a well known internet marketing expert. He is the author of the website Online-How-To . You can contact the Author by email at admin(at)online-how-to.com
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